New healthcare improvement Scotland regulations

As some of you may or may not know, HIS (Healthcare Improvement Scotland) are starting to regulate private clinics. This is being done in stages, and the first stage becomes legal on 31st March, 2017.

The first clinics to be regulated are those belonging to some of the trained and qualified healthcare professionals, such as nurses, dental nurses, Dentists and Doctors. As a pharmacist led practice we do not come under this first wave of regulations, and at present have not been given a date of when this will happen.

We, along with many other reputable practices, see the regulation of the industry as a good thing. It will no doubt benefit everyone involved in the industry, as well as benefiting clients hugely. The only strange thing about this staged regulation is that they are starting with the trained healthcare professionals, who, although not above the regulation, are probably the very people who will self regulate and, on the whole, work to higher standards.

Although not involved in the current regulation Integro Medispa will work to the standards expected of anyone who is a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, and the new regulations within the industry itself.

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