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The Latin word “Integro” has, amongst its meanings, six words that are very apt for our business.  These words are Recreate, Refresh, Renew, Repair, Replenish and Restore.  Now you can understand why we chose the word Integro!

Our aim is to provide a range of treatments and services that provide great results, give us happy clients, and fit with these descriptions.

Have a look at our website to see how we can help you achieve any, or all, of these things through our non-invasive procedures, facials, peels and injection techniques.


Who We Are

Integro Medispa is an independent medical spa providing non-surgical aesthetic and advanced skincare treatments, complimented by a range of professional grade skincare products.

Our Clinic Director is Pamela Wallace MSc, IPres, MRPharmS, a registered Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (PIP) who has worked within the NHS for over 20 years.  Pamela is a fully trained aesthetics practitioner, having completed her training at the Harley Academy.


Our Values

At Integro Medispa we believe in providing a safe, professional service that offers value for money.  In our industry of aesthetics, sometimes providing a professional service means saying “no” to a client’s requests, as we will always put our clients best interests first.

With professionalism at the heart of our business, we offer an individually tailored   treatment plan to each client and situation.

We also want our clients to be relaxed and enjoy their experience so we offer a warm and friendly welcome to, what can be for some people, a potentially anxious experience.



Integro Medispa provide a range of treatments and services aimed at providing the best possible service through treatments that are both professionally delivered and offer value for money.

Treatments range from anti-wrinkle to dermal filler injections, chemical & enzyme peels to laser treatments; all using, what we thing are, some of the leading products and equipment available on the market today.

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Botulinum toxin is a medicine that temporarily blocks the signals from nerve endings that tell the muscles to move. The result is a reduction in movement of the muscles. Lines and wrinkles on the face are caused by years of repetitive contraction of these muscles that etches a line into the skin. When these muscles are relaxed the lines can very quickly reduce and disappear.

Botulinum toxin injections can also be used to combat excessive sweating.  Areas commonly treated are; armpits; the soles of feet; and the palm of hands.

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Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is present in the skin and maintains the smoothness (moisturising effect) and plumpness (volumising effect) of our skin. The most commonly used dermal fillers are made of a gel called hyaluronic acid. Because of this allergic reactions to the gels are very unlikely. The gel is often mixed with an anaesthetic to make the injection more comfortable.

Dermal fillers smooth out lines and wrinkles when implanted just under the skin using a needle. They are also frequently used for plumping of the lips and smoothing of the nose to mouth lines, and also for facial reshaping and recontouring as part of a rejuvenation treatment.

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Peels are treatments that aim to improve the skin of the face, body or hands by applying a chemical/enzymatic exfoliant, resulting in controlled destruction at a specific level of the skin.

The result is usually a sloughing off of dead skin with regeneration of newer healthier tissue. The regenerated skin is typically less wrinkled, smoother and has less pigmentation and blemishes than the old skin.


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Each of the Medik8 facials provides an exclusively designed rejuvenating, restorative and relaxing experience.  Choose from all major skin concerns: skin ageing, skin blemishes, redness, pigmentation or dryness.

The Integro Medispa prescription facial is tailored to your individual skin needs after a full skin analysis. This revitalising facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a custom exfoliation to reveal smooth, glowing skin.  A personalised mask followed by a moisturiser tailored to your skin’s needs, will hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin, finished off with sun protection. You will leave with instructions on your ongoing skin care regime, and advice for your next treatment.

The Executive Express treatments provide quick and visible results that leave you with radiant and younger looking skin.

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Through some of the treatments we can renew and retexture the skins surface, providing a smoother and more even look to the treated areas, and at the same time relay collagen fibres, helping to reduce lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and stretch marks.

Discolouration of the skin occurs through things such as sun damage (pigmentation/sun spots), vascular outbreaks and areas of redness (mostly around the nose/cheeks) through age, diet, health and so on. By selectively heating and eliminating them directly we can provide a flawless ‘airbrushed’ appearance, dramatically reducing the appearance of ageing skin.

Loss of firmness and sagging around the eyes and jawline are usually the most obvious signs of ageing. Through our treatments we cause micro-vibrations within the skin tissue, this in turn stimulates fibroblast cells which then produce new collagen and elastin, creating a stronger, firmer dermal tissue. This leads to a lifting and tightening of the skin that can greatly improve the loss of firmness.

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Certain colours in tattoos are notoriously hard to remove; namely greens, reds, and lighter blues. Our new machines have the technology to remove these through the tri-wavelength lasers.

Tattoos are removed by breaking down the ink pigment with laser beams; the smaller the ink particles are the easier it is for the skin to disperse it. The result and the number of treatments are also dependent on the type of laser, the spot size, and the depth that the laser beam penetrates to.

With the new technology we have available we can minimize the number of treatments, the length of each treatment, and give better results than ever before.

Customer Journey

We understand that having an aesthetic procedure for the first time can be a big decision and daunting – particularly if it’s an anti-wrinkle or dermal filler injection.  At Integro Medispa we want you to be as relaxed as possible when you come for a treatment, so if you have any doubts about what will happen after you read this, please do not hesitate to call us or come in for an informal chat.

You will see Pamela Wallace MSc, IPres, MRPharmS who is a registered Pharmacist Independent Prescriber, and has worked within the NHS for over 20 years.  Pamela is a fully qualified aesthetics practitioner, experienced in all types of injection techniques, having  trained at The Harley Academy. Pamela is also trained to provide other skin care rejuvenation techniques including facials, prescription facials, chemical and enzyme peels.


Before any treatment you will have a one-to-one consultation where you will have a full medical history taken and we will discuss any skin concerns you may have. We will then give you our professional advice on what you would like to achieve, and take you through each part of the procedure or treatment. Together we will decide on the best treatment plan for you.


Firstly, you should expect a warm welcome at Integro Medispa.  We will make you feel at ease and alleviate any worries or concerns you have through our thorough assessment and skin analysis consultation and explanations, and arrive at a treatment plan together.  What to expect from your procedure will be explained in full, as will any immediate after effects you may encounter, leaving you calm, relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience.  The final thing you can expect is GREAT RESULTS!


Aftercare is a hugely important part of the process for both you, and for us.  The follow-up and aftercare you receive will depend on the treatment(s) you have had, and also whether it is a treatment you have had before or is new to you.  The aftercare may be in the form of written information, a telephone consultation or we may ask you to come back for a follow-up consultation at the clinic.



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Pamela Wallace, MSc IPres MRPharmS

Clinic Director

pamelaPamela is a registered Pharmacist Independent Prescriber and has worked within the NHS for over 20 years. Pamela obtained her BSc Pharmacy from the University of Strathclyde in 1996, then went on to achieve a Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy from Queen’s University of Belfast in 2005. Regulations to allow pharmacists to prescribe independently came into effect in 2006 and Pamela became one of a small number of registered Pharmacist Independent Prescribers in the United Kingdom, receiving her Practice Certificate from the University of Strathclyde in 2009.

Throughout her career in hospital pharmacy Pamela has gained experience in many areas of practice and regularly provided training in aseptic technique, injection technique and medication calculations to doctors and nurses within the hospital setting, ensuring the highest standard of care to patients when medication via the injection route was being administered. These same high standards of care are also provided to Pamela’s aesthetic practice clients who visit Integro Medispa. Pamela is committed to providing safe, effective and ethical non-surgical aesthetic treatment and achieves this through her continued professional development and education of new treatments, procedures and products.

Pamela has been a prescribing Cancer Care Pharmacist within the NHS since 2009 and has a regular clinic and patient group within this setting. She is a valued member of the multidisciplinary team and works closely with Clinical Nurse Specialists and Consultants. Pamela’s varied and valuable clinical experience has enabled her to transfer her training and skills she has developed throughout her pharmacy career into the field of non-surgical aesthetic practice, where she has a passion to enable her clients to look and feel the best and most confident version of themselves.

Pamela initially achieved Accredited Aesthetic Training in Botulinum Toxins and Dermal fillers from The Harley Academy in 2016 and undertakes regular ongoing specialist aesthetics training, including advanced skincare treatments and chemical peels. This extensive training and commitment to continuing advances in aesthetic treatments has gained Pamela the reputation of being a skilled aesthetic practitioner who provides good advice and after care to Integro Medispa clients.


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